In this course, I'll teach you how to grow a BADASS brand by helping you:


Tap into and harness your “IT Factor” for unforgettable and irresistible appeal.


AMPLIFY your energy, words, and presence to position yourself as the no-brainer solution.


Sell confidently through sincerity so you can get PAID consistently.


Master your message and magnetize your NEXT LEVEL clients with ease.

Keasha Lee I

Personal Branding Coach | Speaker CEO & Founder, Striking Statements

Keasha Lee  Personal Branding Coach | Speaker CEO & Founder, Striking Statements

Are you ready to embody the energy and presence that gets you NOTICED, REMEMBERED & PAID?

🔮The Embody Your Message Personal Branding Course Will Provide You With:

❤︎ The tools to be SEEN as a leader in your industry and trusted resource through a guided process for expanding your Self-Image. 

❤︎ My top secrets for Amplifying your STAR QUALITY and Mastering Your Message to attract next level clients, money, and new levels of visibility.

❤︎ Simple practices to shorten the time that it takes to start magnetizing those soul match clients and the opportunities that you didn't think were possible. 

❤︎ Banishing the need to compare yourself to others and feel left behind with my Art of Minding Your Own Business strategy.

❤︎ Steps to EMBODY the confidence and energy to consistently show up and put yourself in the position and energy to start attracting paying customers. 


Keasha is a brilliant leader who inspires bold, authentic action!

Keasha’s Embody Your Message experience offered me some great insight into my message and whom I wanted to receive it. She helped me to express myself more effectively and connect with my ideal clients while encouraging my uniqueness to shine through!

Lindsey Turnbull, Missheard Media

Before you can truly level up to create a new reality within your business and your life, you need a process that gets you from where you are to where you want to be. 


😮 This program also includes a high value BONUS Session: 

- Learn the Do's and Dont's of Protecting Your Brand, led by renowned Intellectual Property attorney, Cheryl Hodgson.

Inside you'll discover:

-What Intellectual Property really is.

-An explanation of copyrights and trademarks including when you need them, and why they are important.

-Why having an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) should be a non-negotiable when hiring contractors or employees.

This course also offers: 

Lots of fun, expansion, and support.

Downloads, videos, and exercises that will absolutely transform the way you think about personal branding.



My name is Keasha Lee and I’m a Messaging Mentor, Copywriter and the Founder of Striking Statements

I LOVE helping ambitious, conscious and creative entrepreneurs and coaches stand out and elevate their image through messaging that's clear, memorable, and genuine.

For 15+ years I've been honing my craft as a Messaging Mentor and Copywriter to help my clients embody the next level leader that they are becoming so that they can have a business and life that they love.


Evolution is a part of the journey and it's not easy to get your messaging and branding to catch up to who you are. I know because I haven't always had the clarity nor the conviction to show up in the way that I do now. 

When I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2007, I struggled to find the words that truly and accurately conveyed who I was, what my offerings were and who I helped.

 Before I learned how to embody my message...

I stifled my impact by being inconsistent in what I shared about myself because - although I had the talent and skills to help others in a tremendous way - I felt INADEQUATE in explaining who this newest version of Keasha was and why my offerings mattered. 

Sound familiar?

It took an intentional process to move from a place of frustration and stagnation to a state of ease, clarity and confidence.


When I reframed my thoughts on how I wanted to show up and began to EMBODY the energy of the person I wanted to BE-come, it shifted how I used my words to express what I stand for, what I do and who I help. 

🔮Having clear and authentic messaging attracted amazing people and opportunities to me like magic and my business transformed for the better.

I created the Embody Your Message (EYM) Personal Branding Course to share 6 essential steps of my Embodied Branding Blueprint with you so that you can SHOW UP, command attention, and ATTRACT your ideal people with ease, too.


  1. Who is this course for exactly?

Answer. This course is for creative, conscious and heart-led entrepreneurs and coaches who are ready to step into their next level of clarity, connection and cash flow through personal branding that’s more authentic and bold. 

  1. How much of a time investment will this course be for me? 

Answer. There are 6 modules in this coure that are released weekly including two AMAZING bonuses. It takes as much time as you’re willing to put into it. The great thing is that your login gives you forever access to the course content so that you can go back and review anything that you need so that you can start making Striking Statements.

  1. What do the modules look like? 

Answer. Every lesson begins with a video that introduces, then breaks down a new concept or strategy in a step-by-step way. Several lessons include downloadable resources and links to help guide you as you implement what you’ve learned.

  1. I have a different question 

Answer. Ask away! Email info@strikingstatements and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.